Responsive NEW website

We are really proud to release our new website this spring and as the daffodils respond to the first hits of warmer weather, we have created a website which will respond to all your needs!

Over the coming months and years we hope to be able to use the Summit website to demonstrate some of the projects that we are working on, some of the interesting things that we gather from around the web and from our clients as well as to show you how websites should and can really perform.

We have embedded all the normal things into the site and hope that our social media activity (limited to Twitter and LinkedIn for the time being as I am really not sure you want pretty pictures of the team all over your facebook!), keeps you informed and entertained.

In addition and most importantly we have made the site completely responsive in its design, so that regardless of the device you are using, you will be able to find out what we are up to and to get in contact with us very easily!  It seems that this is very timely as eConsultancy have only just posted a blog on the very subject!

We hope that you like the website, find it easy to navigation and of course if you have any feedback or want a site with similar responsive design and functionality, just give us a call.

Happy Easter!

Our clients include