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Over recent months we have seen more and more articles about responsive design, increased activity on mobile devices and the complexity that comes with all that this entails.

Whether it be for emails or websites, the time spent by designers and HTML practictioners creating perfectly compatible and device supported content is on the increase.

Q1 It is time well spent?

It was reported last week on the eConsultancy blog ( that according to a report by IMRG and Capgemini, mobile devices now account for all online sales growth as the amount of sales through desktop computers has plateaued.

Taking this as an answer, it seems that the time is certainly well spent! Okay so this is only one example... but it leads us on to the next question!

Q2 What is it that your clients need on the move?

photo.jpgWith Kensington Sports and Physio Medicine we asked this question and decided quite quickly that visitors to the site needed access only to some of the content on the main website.  Why? Because time is precious and people want to get to the info they need fast without needing to search through navigation or content however easy that may be.

The answer was to create a mobile view which based on the device being used would display the relevant content.  So mobile users have access to quick contact information, directions, names and profiles of the Physiotherapists and that is all.

Not only does this make life easy for the users, but for the creators of content, they can use the standard CMS access to add to the content without giving a second thought to responsiveness of their content.  It is all done for them!

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